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90 Tips and Tricks for the New iOS 7

picstitch (1)iOS 7 was the biggest update yet for Apple. I know that I was counting down the minutes until I could do the upgrade, and it’s definitely taking some getting used to. I ran across this article and am so glad I did- had I not, I would be at a loss for half of the functions that are available to use. The more I play around with it, the more I like it. If you want to access the 90 tips (which even if you think you don’t need them, you’ll be glad you looked them over), either click the picture above, or the link below.

90 Tips and Tricks to the New iOS 7 


Windows XP patches on the way out

Microsoft Update in Windows XP.
Microsoft Update in Windows XP. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are you still running Windows XP on your computer system? On April 8th, 2014 Microsoft will stop issuing security patch updates. For those working in the healthcare industry, this makes it non-compliant with HIPAA and HITECH.

For more on this and what you can do to safeguard yourself, read the full article on TechRepublic here.