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Distributing malware via PNG metadata

Picture courtesy of : Source
Picture courtesy of : Source

iFrame is embedded on many sites, making drive-by-downloads easy and a preferred method for malware attacks. These type of malicious files are fairly easy to detect and fix. However, there is a new type that not so easy to detect- and it’s in HOW the malware is distributed by the iFrame. The attacker obscures the malware inside a PNG file. While this isn’t necessarily new, the devil is in the details. For more on the details, to see to complete article, and to see screenshots of the JavaScript file, please click the following link to take you to Securi Blog site.



I’m quite sure we have all gotten caught with some sort of malware on our computer system before. I’m sure you have heard of Malwarebytes before, but many people are confused about what Malwarebytes actually is and how it should be used. Here you will get walked though the installation process and explain what it does and more importantly, what is different between the free and the paid-for versions.